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Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I AM GOD.

I love this scripture, it says such a little but somehow reassures so much. This scripture has saved my life more than once.

In the midst of a crisis it can be utterly painful to even grasp at words and promises that are affirming that you to be still and wait for God to move in your life. I know I struggle with it, however, I have learnt over time that it is the only way to actully do life!

Ive written above the power of thought and words, and how the spiritual battle can wage wars inside of you. This is real life stuff, it is happening and it requires us to get a grip of our thoughts, in a conscnious Godly manner, and to gain self-control over our words.

Wear you helmet of salvation and hold onto your swrod (the word of GOD).

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