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Faith needs your action!

Posted by Cindy Stanley (cindy) on Aug 15 2015
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You may have heard this scriture a few times in your life, but it is a true statement, and without your action to faith in your faith life - it can be a long and winding road!

It is awesome to press forward in faith, and continue beleiveing for that which you are believeing for, however, if you have been faithful for a long tong time, and are feeling any doubts or place of loneliness along your faith walk, then listen up.

Everyone reaches a turning point in their lives at what time or another. Turning points can be different junctures (time and place) for different people. The important fact to note is that once you have reached a juncture that forces your faith life into the wide open, that will be the time for you to do your part as you stand in agreement and believe in your faith.

Doing your part means pressing forward towards that which God has directed your steps. Doing your part means keep believeing for the promises that God ahs plcaed deep inside of you regardless of what circumstances appear to be. Doing your part means, getting a grip of that which you are believeing for, and believe that it is on its way.

Run to Jesus every single time you feel that you may be letting go of that belief or faith in God's promises to you. He is saying, "come, come to me."


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